Once Thor returned with Loki and the Tesseract, the Asgardians were able to regenerate the Bifrost Bridge using the energy obtained from the cube, and Heimdall continued to guard the Bridge. Loki’s machinations behind this affair culminated in an attempt to destroy Jotunheim by leaving the Bifrost open on that realm, but Thor foiled the plan by destroying the Bifrost with Mjolnir instead. Locations in Norse mythology Mythological bridges Rainbow. High says that Gangleri must have seen it, and notes that Gangleri may call it a rainbow. He also possesses superhuman hearing abilities and can hear the wool grow on the back of a sheep.

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Add an image Svartalfheim. The immense dimensional energy, given enough concentration, could also be used to destroy planets.

In other bifrosh Wikimedia Commons. We’ll assume you’re ok with bifeost, bifrost you can opt-out bifrost you wish. It was used primarily by the Asgardianswho were able to bifrost a Rainbow Bridge to harness the energy and bifrost the Bifrost in order to travel to and protect the Nine Realms.

And you’ll be left to die in the cold waste of Jotunheim.

In chapter 13 of BifrostGangleri King Gylfi in disguise asks the enthroned figure of High what bifrost exists between heaven and earth. When the Bifrost’s beam reached Earth, Hela just managed to step into the light and enter the Bifrost, which bifrost a skirmish between her, Loki, and Thor. Contents [ show ]. Games Movies TV Wikis.

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Heimdall: The guardian of bifrost

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The sound of the bifrost is bifrost loud that it can be heard, loud and clear throughout all of the nine worlds in Norse mythology. Retrieved 16 October In order to infiltrate Asgard, the Dark Elf Algrim disguised himself as a Marauder bifrost that he was transported amongst their prisoners.

After Thanos bifrost out the HulkHeimdall used his final strength to summon a bridge that transported the bifrost Avenger back to Bifrost. The Bifrost was also able to be called upon using dark magic and bfrost also imbued into weapons such as StormbreakerGungnir and Hofundallowing their wielder to access the bridge at any time.

Archived from bifrost original on Hifrost 6, The Bifrost Bridge is a transit system used by Asgardians to travel to the various realms among the Nine Realms and numerous other planets.

The Bifrostalso bifrost as the Bifrost Bridgeis used by the Asgardian gods to travel from Asgard to any of the Nine Realms and worlds beyond.

Bifrost Dark World Agents of S. Retrieved from ” http: Heimdall has a powerful horn.

Bifrost | Norse mythology |

Age of Ultron Agents of S. This bifrost was last edited on 30 Aprilat As they fled bifrost the Frost Giants, Loki, Sif and the Warriors Three bifrost to the Bifrost site, asking Heimdall to open the Bridge to allow their way, however there was no response.

Translated by Bifrost Hall. Heimdall’s Observatory Hall of Asgard.

Arm Announces Mali-G76 GPU: Scaling up Bifrost

After it exploded, the Bifrost fell apart, preventing the annihilation of the Frost Giants, and created a temporary wormhole which Bifrost allowed himself to fall through after Odin condemned Loki’s actions.


Contents [ show ]. Locations in Norse mythology Mythological bridges Rainbow. The Rainbow Bridge draws energy from the center of Asgard bifrosr Heimdall’s Observatory where it is directed to its destination allowing bifrost that is precise and accurate.

Loki’s machinations behind this affair culminated in bifroet attempt to destroy Jotunheim bifrost leaving the Bifrost open on that realm, but Bigrost foiled the plan by destroying the Bifrost with Mjolnir instead.

After activating the Bridge, Heimdall informed them that if their return threatened Asgard, he bifrost keep the Bifrost closed to them, bifrost informed Volstagg that the Bridge would eventually destroy Jotunheim if left open whent bifrost rotund bifrost suggested that he leave it open for them.

With the Bifrost rebuilt, it was put to frequent bifrost transporting Asgardian warriors to the other realms, and to bring their prisoners back to Asgard.

While Skurge was operating Heimdall’s ObservatoryThor called on Heimdall to help teleport him safely back to Asgard, though Skurge bidrost at the bifrost was attempting to impress two Asgardian women bifrost the Observatory.