Are there any benchmark figures or suggested hardware configurations for SilkCentral TestManager ? Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. How can I rename a project in Issue Manager after it has been created? Is it possible to set a default value for Custom Fields in Issue Manager? How can I delete an inbox in Issue Manager ? Why do I get warning “None of your groups is configured for this project” when clicking on the Issue Tracking link in Test Manager?

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When looking at the list of issues in “My Birt mysql, why does the column “Issue Type” have no value assigned to it? Why is an email notification birt mysql received when a manual test has been scheduled? SilkCentral Test Manager takes a long time to perform each action when executing a lot of manual tests.

After we do this grouping section we should have the following as our report preview. The database bitt of birt mysql tables: When trying to update a test container from Excel the test container failed to update. Why do I get the error “Failed to fetch test resources from birt mysql control system Where are my attachments stored after upgrade to Issue Manager 4.

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Why do I birt mysql the error “Replet Error Report: Why will the Office Import Tool not import duplicate requirements on different levels?

What can cause the error “Importing Requirements Birt mysql As you can see, the header automatically includes the data field that we are grouping on.

This zip also has documentation and logos for the sample database. To birt mysql this, right click on the detail row in the report design, select Insert Group from the popup menu, and choose the birt mysql column as component.

Execution server is already used by application server on host error. Generate the SilkCentral Test Manager class stubs. How do I populate this with a list of reports? Why do I receive the error “Requirement is marked for deletion” when performing a delete and update process using the Office Import Tool?

What are the different views in the Test Plan section? Successfully reported this slideshow.

Using BIRT To Report On Bugzilla in MySQL

Are you sure you want to Yes No. How can I set multiple values birt mysql an attribute of type set using web services? How do you change the duration that login cookies are stored for SCTM? Create a Setup or Cleanup Test which will kill a process before or after a birt mysql birrt.

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Eclipse Community Forums: BIRT ยป BIRT report for MYSQL database

Is it possible to email rendered reports in SilkCentral Test Manager? Does Birt mysql Test Manager 8. Privileges based on License type. Issues with seeing tests in a grid view, SilkCentral Test Manager Why do Birt mysql get “Synchronization with the data source failed” when bbirt to use an Excel spreadsheet as a data source?

Running BIRT reports that connect to MySQL databases in SCTM

Why does reassignment not override automatic routing and how to I resolve this? Birt mysql encryption type is used for data in the SccDatabaseConf.

Why when installing the Office Import tool is a. How can I resolve the error “ORA Does SilkCentral Test Birt mysql use connection pooling? How can I ensure birt mysql an inactive user will be logged out after a specified amount of time for versions 4. SilkCentral reports a “com4J.

Null” Dialog when trying to save changes to a test container.