Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. The results shown in Table 1 below are the average of two drivers which were closely matched. If they are so much better than the Fostex, I am interested. We will reply within 24 hours n We choose to sell only the best, even though that model happens to be the least expensive. The Fostex make my formerly favorite speakers sound lifeless, and I no longer constantly twiddle the amp controls looking for a balance between boom and shrill. They do not go high enough in the treble to be truly satisfying.

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With its narrow vertical shape it can be a floor-standing speaker with very small space demands, or a gange speaker. This gives a ‘fat’ sound that is very nice for fostex full range music or for people favoring this type of sound.

Micromonitor Minimonitor Monitor 1. It has a rather nasal sounding midrange and lacks high frequency response. We don’t build larger full-range for more bass, but for MUCH more detailed midrange and smoother high frequencies.

Fostex makes more fostex full range models, but their best sounding speaker is the FEEn. We offer fostex full range different cabinet designs for Fostex 8 inch full-range speakers.

The differences between them are primarily in regard to sensitivity. However, in side by side comparisons with the FEEn they lacked the same level of extension, detail, realism, clarity, and accuracy. This cabinet was specially designed for 8 inch full-range speakers and the performance is fostex full range.

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My tube amps seem to run cooler, and in fact now seem almost overpowered because of the speaker sensitivity. Instead, three of them use an aluminum dustcap in the center of the main cone.

fostex full range

Fostex Speaker | eBay

It works best with the largest full-range speakers which can generate more bass without the help of a cabinet. This fostex full range be done using ductseal or fulo bitumen damping material. In our experience, only full-range speakers with this design are truly capable of satisfying full-range performance.

It also fostex full range a wonderful center channel or surround speaker.

For fostex full range better sound the world’s best, in factyou might also want to consider our own Audio Nirvana full-range speakers. Fostex speakers are precision made fostex full range very light paper cones and incredibly strong magnets for precise control. Last update 1 September So, if you have the space, we recommend choosing a larger cabinet design.

Buy Fostex Full Range Drive Units and Co-Axial Units Online, UK

Total Q factor Qts The frame is stamped steel and there are fostex full range to damping it in order to reduce the potential of having the chassis “ring”.

Audio Nirvana are available in 3, 4, 5, 6. It makes satisfactory bass for rnge who have space limitations. We guarantee your satisfaction. Our goal is to make fostex full range best possible sound affordable for everyone. Created 18 November It gives up some detail, extension, and efficiency to do this. Fostex ful inch speakers are very efficient–at least 96 dB. We honestly feel that the Audio Nirvana, Lowther, and Fostex speakers we sell are the finest in the world at any price.


It looks like the smaller 5.

In addition to the popular ES corn, we adopted a n It has more fostex full range and dynamics than the 5. Super rare 6″ speakers with super huge AlNiCo magnets with 92 dB sensitivity and fill to 30 kHz reproduction frequency response which is rated input 25 watts power per channel.

Fostex FEE Fullrange Loudspeaker Driver

Many of you will be unfamiliar with Fostex speakers. It is an inner paper cone that acts as a midrange driver. Custom design work so you can fostex full range cabinets to your own specifications or modify your existing cabinets–free with any purchase.