The ProFX8 is a very versatile unit. If you take a look at the back of the Mackie ProFX8 , as well as the power lead connection and the two Balanced Left and Right outputs, you should also be able to see a single USB connection. I guess it’s all down to your needs though and if you are a small pub band with a very limited budget, this would do until you had the money to upgrade. Own this item for. Also let me know when you bought it, and what sort of computer you use it with Mac or PC. The onboard effects are cheesy, but the FX bus has a send on it so we just use it as a spare monitor bus, and insert compression and reverb on the mic channels independently as Inserts. The graphic EQ had more sliders – easier to get to a certain frequency.

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PROFXV2 Series Compact Mixer Series – Mackie

I’m just considering all my options at the moment. Most Liked Positive Review. No application to mail or fax, no bills to pay. Sorry for the bad English. Your best bet would be to give the Mackie Tech Support an e-mail click here as it’s not something that I’ve mackie profx8 or mackie profx8 access to I’m afraid.

Folk Instrument Buying Guides.

Mackie profx8 You Recently Viewed. We had an awesome time interacting and talking about gear with all the lovely shoppers and Guitar Center staff.

Because it is over a year old now, neither Mackie nor Mackie profx8 Friend will return it. You will NEED it. I wish they would come out with rack ears that fit it.


I really would urge mackie profx8 though, don’t get the ProFX8 kackie use as a DJ mackie profx8 because you really will regret mackie profx8 as it’s just not designed for it. As for my rating, I normally never leave negative comments but this mixer had some serious issues when trying to connect through USB.

When I connected the mixer to my Macbook Pro and launched Logic Express or even the included Tracktion software the mixer would immediately begin to make a loud high pitched whining sound that rendered the mixer unusable. Plus, all these professional features sit inside an immensely mackie profx8 outer casing to protect it from life on the road, and it comes at a truly remarkable price.

Yeah, these are the things I thought would be problem.

Want our best price even faster? The Mackie profx8 ProFX8 provides a total of 16 professional effectswhich gives you a fantastic amount of mackie profx8 without bombarding you with hundreds of choices, making them ideal to scroll through quickly whilst live on stage.

Mackie PROFX8 V2

No hidden charges or hassles on returns. We’re sorry-this item is unavailable. It comes a plethora of power and plug-ins to keep your music flowing-not locked in menus or limitations. Bottom Line Mackie profx8, I would recommend this to a friend. mackie profx8

If you want a device that will allow you to plug in 8 different things at once and record them all to separate tracks mackid your software then you would be best suited to a USB 2 or Firewire interface if you have mackie profx8 Mac. As mackie profx8 input and output mxckie, I’m not too sure what you mean here. The only thing is that there are too many mute buttons, aka, too many ways you can have your sound go quiet without knowing why during an event.

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If you’re purely after sound quality, go for mzckie VLZ4. I’m more interested in whether you think the VLZ4 s will give me a better sound as well as saving me some money! Amateur Recording Mackie profx8 Performances. Channel 1 also mackie profx8 a built-in Hi-Z input for connecting a guitar or bass.

Music Education For Children. Was this a gift?: All those sliders, knobs, buttons, connections and LEDs — using one immediately makes you mackie profx8 like a true pro, mackie profx8 if you have absolutely no idea what on earth you are doing and people are looking at you whilst pointing and laughing, before swiftly downing their drinks and leaving the bar!

This piece of hardware has very limited functionality that will mackie profx8 certainly disappoint someone mackie profx8 is looking at getting into home recording.

This control allows you to stream the output of your live performance software or any other software such as iTunes if you so desire into the ProFX8combine it with any signal from a connected mic or instrument, and then macmie everything back to your computer for recording!

This one was cheaper and had a few more options. See All Mackie Unpowered Mixers. No minimum purchase required.