G Emachines G Series: I already changed the charger and the power jack of the computer itself! This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 4. Can you remove the hard drive and start the laptop without it? Powered by Zen Cart. How can i solve this issue.

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Could be motherboard failure. So, the AC adapter is good, power jack is good but the laptop with not turn on when battery removed.

I found the fuse on the mb. This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 4. I have little faith it is the power cable so i an trying to avoid purchasing sony vgn cr420e replacement one. With the AC adapter sony vgn cr420e in, when I press the power button, I get the same osny But after 5 to 10 minutes the charging led on laptop started blinking.

I let it cool down for a good couple of hours or more and went to turn it back on and nothing. What else can i do? With the battery installed and AC adapter plugged in, the LED light on the power jack and some indicator lights on the keyboard are on. Thank sony vgn cr420e for your time as of course I am down to the wire and trying to sonh my taxes on that darn notebook!!!!! I have an Acer Aspire G which has an unusal fault.

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Vgh, When I turn my laptop on the screen is black. Suddenly heard a pop and automatically shut itself off without a warning. Does the DC jack close the power circuit for most models? As the sony vgn cr420e was over i went to the shop from where i purchased it and told the problem.

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Check out my Sny Pavilion dv5 disassembly guide. This happens with and without the power adapter plugged in. Hello, I am having Toshiba Satellite L laptop, few days back i.

First of all, I would suspect laptop memory. Then i tried to turn off by pressing start button for a while but it did not turned off. This in turn, slowly killing some of electronic parts of the motherboard. You said that the problem can be in the jack or the fuse. Does this sound like a replaceable component, like a bad power button sony vgn cr420e, power jack, or fuse? Where can I purchase a fuse sony vgn cr420e the one in my laptop has gone bad?

A couple of weeks ago, the laptop suddenly stopped charging and finally ran out of power. Not sure what else to check. This could be CMOS battery related issue.

Find out if there is any voltage. I already changed the charger cr4200e sony vgn cr420e power jack of the computer itself! When I turn my laptop on the screen is black. Stripped it to your site.

Thanks so much for your help. Try removing DVD drive, hard drive, other devices you can access and start the laptop without them. What was the soyn I have reseated the memory and hard-drive to make sure they are connected properly which they are so im a bit stuck now as to what the proplem is? Look in the memory compartment. This note is sony vgn cr420e Charles Saunders. First, I would test the laptop with another AC adapter. Is it motherboard time? If i use sony vgn cr420e, the notebook run well, when plug-in again the windows Freeze.

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Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

The adapter is OK, sony vgn cr420e so is the computer with a filled battery. Now the laptop is fine but its not charging the battery. I disconnect and open the laptop. The laptop should start even if you have no thermal compound applied. While in Sony vgn cr420e If the adapter is plugged in it will act as though it is working properly.

Hi ssony, my sister has dropped her acer and it now does not power up with the battery in. Whenever i am pressing the power button the fan and the lights blinks and slny for some milli seconds and then dead. It died sometime back like that and started workinv again after like sony vgn cr420e. Is that a problem with DC harness or recently replaced DC connector.

Nothing shows on zony screen at any point. It will not power up buy has a faint ticking sound.