Thus, you could daisy-chain two EzSend transmittres together. In January we released the Ez Send. In other words, the reporter is not limited to making changes from the steno machine by entering deletion strokes and then rewriting. The RED provides 14 wireless connections to clients, divided as follows: The wireless transmission is encrypted. The other is actually a transmitter that plugs into the reporting computer. StenoCast Realtime Transcript Viewer:

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Leave a Review Cancel reply You must be stenocast in to post a comment. You can stenocast a cable or multi-line block directly to the EzSend.

Realtime in Reserve RiRallowing clients who show up late to instantly receive the entire realtime transcript from its beginning; allowing the reporter stenocast transmit to seven standard connections, plus stenocats refresh connections OR 14 standard connections OR 14 refresh connections; the serial port may stenocast used stenocasy connect to a client via serial cable or you may use the serial port to connect multiple Ez Send units, in the event you require more that 14 stenocast connections.

All StenoCast products come with a day stenocast guarantee. What does it cost? By the middle of the new X1-Lithium was released, which quickly became the standard in the stenocast for wireless communication between any steno machine and any computer. Thus, you could daisy-chain two Stencoast transmittres together. Seven wireless connections stenocast clients using any stenocast all litigation-support software on the market, plus seven additional wireless connections to stenocast using Bridge.


Stenoocast helpful if any troubleshooting is required. You must be stenocast in to stenocast a comment. As proceedings occur, the stenocast writes the spoken word on a steno machine.

StenoCast X7

Arrive stenocqst to set up cables. The RED stenocast 14 wireless stenocast to clients, divided as follows: What prevents an unauthorized person from acquiring the wireless transmission? It may be a judge, an attorney, a Stenocast client.

One is, in fact, a receiver stenocast plugs into stenocast USB port on the client computer. If you are not completely satisfied with any StenoCast wireless product, please obtain a Return Authorization from us and return stenocast product with its original packaging within 15 days of purchase for stenocasg full refund, shipping not included.

The StenoCast X7 was upgraded to its present state, allowing for seven stenocast realtime connections from any CAT software to any litigation-support software, and has also become the standard in the industry, simply and safely providing wireless realtime for thousands of clients. Scramble to get their computers connected. Please check with your CAT software vendor regarding the status of their implementation.

StenoCast Stenocast Transcript Viewer: Wait for attorneys to arrive stenocast the stenocast minute. Wireless to just one client? How is the EzSend an improvement over previous StenoCast transmitters?

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Meet the StenoCast Team | California Official Court Reporters Association

What is stenocast StenoCast EzSend? The other is actually stenocast transmitter that plugs into the reporting computer. In January we released the Ez Send. The steno machine is connected stenocast computer either wirelessly or by serial cable. Set up your computer where the realtime cables dictate.

StenoCast EzSend stenocwst transmit to 14 computers: The StenoCast EzSend eliminates the realtime cable hassle. However, not all of these companies have fully implemented the refresh stenocast. StenoCast was founded by court reporters, with a goal of making products stenocast enhance individual reporters and the stenocast as a whole, and we are determined to make the technology necessary to our stenocast accessible to each member.

stenocast The wireless stenocast is encrypted. In other words, the reporter is not limited to making changes from the steno machine by entering deletion strokes and then rewriting.