This program will list the comport usage. Click on “Start” to access the communication software, select on cancel to exit. Back to Top How to dial without dial tone? If you have an internal modem, Go to Terminal and type: If your modem does support it, you may still need to enable the feature within SuperVoice. What happens if I switch modems?

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Once you make the changes select file and supervoice modem to save the changes. If you cannot connect Internet using your modem, then you have to contact your modem manufacturer or dealer. Supervoice modem Voice features are the most complicated one.

Windows cannot support shared hardware interrupts. Back to Top Does my modem support handset?

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If supervvoice problem appears to be hardware related please contact the modem company. Why my modem takes a amount of time to supervoice modem hang-ups? Modem speaker support – Can the user use the speaker attaching to the modem to listen to voice messages? If you are supervoice modem experiencing problems, you probably have software that didn’t come with your modem.

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Go to your hypeterminal and type the following commands: Back to Top How supervoice modem dial without dial tone? Your modem requires the CPU to pump the voice data at very high speeds up to bits per second. What happens if I switch modems? This problem is not something that can be controlled through software. Distinctive Ring support – Can the modem detects the Distinctive ring signal generated by the telephone company?

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If you have an external supervoice modem, check that supervoice modem is connected to a serial port. If your modem is taking a considerable amount of time to detect hang-ups, you may have a defective modem or an abnormal amount of noise on the line.

Click supervoice modem “Start” to access the communication supervoice modem, select on cancel to exit. Please contact your modem manufacturers about the supervoice modem of the modem driver.

ZOOM uses polarity checking, which does not work very well while a greeting is playing. Not all modems are created equal. When SuperVoice cannot get the modem to respond to 1 or more commands, usually voice commands, you need to reset your voice modem to factory settings.

SuperVoice is compatible with most of the standard modem chipsets: How to lower Baud Rate How to initialize modem?

Supervoice modem SuperVoice support Supsrvoice Modem? Check the back of your modem and supervoice modem sure you connected your line jack to the wall and your phone jack to the phone. Jumpers on the modem determine which comport your modem is on.

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Pacific Image Communications does not manufacture modems. To test your supervoice modem from within Windows, you can use Terminal which is located in the Accessories group of the Program Manager. Supervoice modem, exit Terminal and run the install program again.

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In SuperVoice supevoice window click on “setup” then click on “communications” place X3 at the end of the modem init string then click “OK” and “Done”. Does my modem support handset? After making sure that everything is properly connected, pick up your supervoice modem using the phone connected to the modem and supervoice modem to see if you hear a dial tone. Supervoice modem telephone systems do not send the pulse that the requires for detecting a hangup. Go to your Hyperterminal and type in the following commands: