According to Toshiba, this notebook should tolerate falls from heights up to one meter without data loss. A ramshorn hook secures the closed position of the display. Disconnect the VGA board cable. Make it as bland as possible so as not to offend anyone. Graphics and gaming performance was also oddly low, even compared to the smaller Tecra M9 with a lesser card. This result and also the result of a number of different scroll tests rate the display average regarding speed of reaction. Vertically , the area of operation is yet sufficient.

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Of course, with a corporate notebook you aren’t paying for multimedia prowess, you’re paying for a stable, manageable platform that offers security and toshiba a9.

Most apparent are the black base unit with silver overlay, and a similar color choice for the display. HP’s EliteBook p, which we also tested with a six-cell battery, toshiba a9 an hour toshiba a9.

For one, the keys aren’t as tactile as the ones on a ThinkPad, though few laptops can emulate the Lenovo typing experience.

With screen brightness at 80 percent, toshiba a9 enabled, “balanced” profile set, and accessing web pages on occasion the system managed 2 hours and 40 minutes on its 6-cell battery.

Lift up and remove the CPU. Start removing the top cover assembly with the display. As with other corporate notebooks, you’ll find toshiba a9 a touchpad and a pointing stick.

Toshiba Tecra A9-S9021V Review

This website uses cookies. More interesting for the user is that this chip set already toshuba the WLan standard nwhich will provide a faster wireless transfer speed and a bigger technical reach.


Most of the problems were toshiba a9 by the inlay at the left keyboard edge which toshiba a9 the power switch – again and again, we hit it instead of the shift key.

X9, the Tecra A9 toshiba a9 an unplayable 11 frames per second on F.

Tecra A9 (PTS53C-MJC) Support | Toshiba

Viewing angles are also about average, not toshiva until much steeper viewing angles. A three-year warranty comes standard with the Toshiba a9 A9; users can purchase extra coverage including SystemGuard Accidental Damage Coverage, which provides advanced protection from damage due to handling, and toshiba a9 also opt to have it serviced on-site.

Complete Green Tech Coverage.

Lift up and release the Toshiba a9 jack. Besides a maybe somewhat to small size, the tosgiba point cannot be criticized in any way. Loudness Even in idle mode the fan runs all the time and the hard disk can also toshiba a9 heard in quiet environments.

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The form of the keys fit well to the case. Many notebooks in this toshiba a9 category are designed to hold up to the daily rigors of a business environment, and the Tecra A9 is no different.

They rate high, because of their clear layout, although the form of the keys needs some adaption time. The bottom toshiba a9 the notebook features a Swiss cheese style of cutouts, which has otshiba be the most I have ever seen on a notebook to date.


So, the battery runtime is usable, but not really exciting. The discrepancy has toshiba a9 do with different testing methodologies.

Quality journalism is paid by advertising. The layout of the keys toshiba a9 most striking. STEP 16 Remove the top cover assembly. At 2 hours 45 minutes, MobileMark test scores could have been a lot better for a business system. View All toshiba a9 Photos in Gallery. This feature tpshiba appearing on many notebooks these days, and should be considered standard on any true business notebook. Unplug cable from the VGA board.

Toshiba Tecra A9 S5 P5 Satellite Pro S disassembly guide

The full-size keyboard feels comfortable enough in use, with good key travel and appropriate audible feedback. Its larger toshiba a9 compared to the Tecra M9 looks to have helped out some, since its smaller brother was very warm in our previous testing.

Toshiba a9 rest of the notebook is black plastic, leading to a design that would blend in with most Thinkpads or Latitudes around the office. PCMark05 measures the overall system performance of a notebook, the Q9 came out with a respectable score, though nothing spectacular:. The built-in stereo speakers deliver enough volume for making a presentation around a conference table but offer tinny sound lacking in bass.