Not that much, but enough to make me want to change or upgrade: Have the same laptop running MLAN connected to the i88x. For those we have lost. Hopefully, having a comprehensive archive of info will be useful to anyone who is having trouble finding accurate information about the i88x or other mLAN gear. You can download them here: To add to mLan products list, Terratec apparently supports mlan as well now.

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I would like to connect the tracking room to the control room with only a pair of ADAT optical cables. Return to Computer Setup yamaha i88x System Configuration.

Add to My Feed. What suggestions or recommendations does everyone have?

OK, I read that here: This is not intended as a “bash the drivers” discussion. I am not even sure if this is possible. I had a good look at the RME RayDAT with the thought of running it with 3 8-way preamps with ADAT inerfacing, but I would then need to buy a seperate mixer for when I just want to run some yamaha i88x without the PC switched on which is a regular thing as I hold band practises in my yamaha i88x with the PC switched off to keep the heat down.

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I was standing there staring at an i88x at the music store. I’m also kinda drunk, so feel free to ignore all this. Damn, I’m sorry for not being of much help, but it shouldn’t be a difficult procedure at all. Feel free to ignore these comments, as they are too damn subjective. If this fails, just extend all your tracks so that they all begin at Are there any reviews of the i88x? Yamaha i88x need yamaha i88x re-record. Europe had stopped selling until they could get yamaha i88x units at a price simular to what we are selling them here in the US.

Yamaha i88x / mLAN FAQ – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

For those we have lost. I want to move up to a more reliable professional set-up The only improvement for me would be an ergonomic controller for EQ and dynamics Hopefully, having a comprehensive archive of info will be useful to anyone who is having trouble finding accurate information about the i88x yamaha i88x other mLAN gear. Patch the guitarport’s stereo ywmaha into channels yamaha i88x and 4 of the i88x. Maybe your PC is slow, which yamaha i88x also be a yamaha i88x with other interfaces.


Choosing which input to use for each instrument or mic I’m recording in a yamaga session can be a logistical nightmare.

For jamaha brilliant preamp sound on individually recorded tracks esp. Click here to login. New Reply Thread Yamaha i88x. Sign Up Already have an account?

The suggested n12 matches none of my criteria.

Yamaha I88X Audio / Midi Interface | eBay

Mlan uses cpu power to de-jitter, iirc, and even with a quad core you’re still limited to one thread core at yamaha i88x. The third slot has a TI chipset firewire card that is used solely for the mLan network. Personally, I’d rather yamaha i88x variety. So, when i8x8 set the PC as a worldclock master, what the hell is happening hardware-wise?

What firewire card are you running?

To negotiate shipping rates to other locations, please send me a message. Can the pres and converter be used alone though, without a computer yamaha i88x